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Update 11-30 Update


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Hello all,

It's been a slow week however I am happy to be back home from vacation to work on this project you're all excited for! The website is almost 100% complete. I'd like to thank DubDesigns for creating this amazing themed design for us. Excellent web developer. The server spawn that is being built by 1 man is coming out beautifully. I was at a loss for words when I went on the build server myself and saw this amazing spawn. Yes the web store is working however I do not recommend purchasing any package yet due to the packages not being official just yet.

From now on I will be updating everyone through this website so I recommend adding this site to your favorites and registering. All who register on the website and also join the server before the server is actually fully released will receive the "Beta" rank on the website as well as an in-game beta rank. So what are you waiting for, join today!

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