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Update 12-7 Update - Beta is Almost Here!


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Hello community!

As many of you know, Kingdoms of Argus has come a long way. It has started just as an idea, a dream October 28th and now has a fully running website/webstore, graphic designs, and a hand full of custom plugins & custom terrain map under development. The exterior of our spawn map is very close to completion (See some images below). The builder still has to work on the interior of all of the houses and buildings however upon beta release the interior of a few buildings will be complete. For the full release everything will be finished and fixed. As of right now the current beta release date is unknown. The reason for this is because as much as we want to go fast, we must take it slow and take inconsideration for everything so nothing is going to be broken day one. Also waiting on the spawn map so the staff and I can implement the necessary needs so the spawn doesn't get destroyed. We would love to talk about the full release but let's take it one step at a time here! Let's talk about plugins instead :p

KingdomsPlus is a mixture of a couple of plugins my main developer has created for us, this plugin contains the following:

- Mounts
All players will be able to purchase their very own horse and horse armor only from the "Stable Master" at spawn! The Stable Master prices the horses based on tiers. These tiers effect the speed, health, and jump height of your horse. You can also change the style of the horse using the command /m style <style> giving your horse a different look but beware, for you can only change that once!. You may also spawn the horse whenever and wherever you like as long as your doesn't die.. Then you'll have to wait 5 minutes for the horse to revive. Other things you may do are renaming, calling, storing, and deleting your horse.

- Server Wide Perks
You may purchase perks or boosters for the entire server. One of them being giving Full Trails Access. The entire server will have access to 150+ combinations and different trails including Practical Trails, Block Trails, Rains, and Wings. They disable temporarily during PvP too. Check out the webstore for the other couple of perks we have. Also let us know if you have any ideas!

This is a GUI strictly for players who contributed to the server through the webstore. This GUI includes just a access to "Join Sound Effects" and also two quick access buttons to get to the Trails & Server Perks GUI.

BlackMarket is another fun and interesting plugin. By random chance some Strange ol' Man will spawn randomly around spawn selling various items you don't want to miss out on. A message will broadcast for every time the ol' Man is there.

That's it for this week! Hope you enjoyed everything and hope to see you when beta releases!