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Update 12-14 Update - More Development & Staff Applicants


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Hellooo everyone!

Seems like everything is going according to plan so far. Kingdoms of Argus will release for beta testing December 16th, 4PM Sharp (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). There will be every other day, if not, daily server maintenance at around 10PM so we may continue to fix and add on to the server. Right now we're looking at the server being in beta for AT MOST 3 weeks. Might even add one or two future update ideas in the server before the full release. We'll let you decide when we're there!

Speaking of beta release, staff applicants WILL be allowed to apply for a staff position the same time and day the server first opens to the public. Good luck! Other news, we have the latest image of the server's 32k custom terrain map (Currently under development)! Check it out below. And finally I'd like to thank dtb04 for finishing the server spawn in a timely manner, really appreciate that, looking outstandingly incredible.

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