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IGN (In Game Name):

Position Applying For:


Description of yourself:
I'm am passionate into working on servers. I try to be as active, professional, friendly and helpful as possible. I would never let down a opportunity to work on a server like this. I like to think of myself as not to harsh, but can be when I have to be. I'm very brave, confident and love interacting with people.

Do you have any experience with Xenforo?:
Yes I know how to run and control Xenforo I've shown Marcus a site of mine that I had made...

How many hours can you be active a day?:
At very least 2 (in game) but that’s if I’m super busy; on Discord I'm available anytime I'm not busy at work.

Why would you like to join the team?:
This is an opportunity for me to apply on the server and gain a Staff Member rank. I will also benefit by helping the community get to know me more so that I can gain trust. I will benefit the Staff Team by proving them I can be trusted and showing them that I am helpful!

Can you configure plugins, If so how much experience do you have?:
I have tons of experience with configurations and plugins I did all the config work on my own server and have been doing it forever now, configuring is not a problem at all.

What makes you different from others and why should we choose you?:
One thing that makes me different from everyone else is my experience and dedication: You should choose me because I'm am passionate into helping Servers. I am mature, active, professional, friendly and helpful! I will never let down a life time opportunity. You should also choose me because I have a Staff Experience. I've owned a server and have been Admin, Mod, Helper, Co-Owner on a variety of servers. You should also choose me because I really want this so bad more than anyone else. From you're thread, what I see currently is that the server has potential. The owner knows what he's doing, and if you accept me we will succeed together.

Have you ever been banned on a server before, If so what for?:
I have been banned on servers for hack clients normal stuff just messing around but that was quite awhile ago.

How long have you been playing MC?:
Ive been playing for 8 years

How can you help/improve Kingdoms of Argus?:
Ive already helped in the development of the server in a few different ways and that effort will keep going forth, Ive worked on the store and some configs that Marcus had me do for him :)

How much experience do you have being staff?:
I have been working on servers for as long as I can remember so Ill just list the different positions ive filled, I'm a experienced administration my experience with plugins is great.

Server Management – I am a server manager with all sorts of capabilities. I have always liked development and management in general. I never deny doing any services unless the user has/is been/being rude or disrespectful to me. Here’s a little bit about me, I am a 17 year old teenager who has a passion for Administration. I am very mature, professional and have a lot of experience. I will list my previous experience at the end.

Community Management – This position is pretty self explanatory. I manage the events and/or the suggestions and try my best with the Developer to implement these feature.

Support Management – During this service, I will spend my time helping people with, Purchase Support, General Support and bugs, which I also help the Developer with.

Forums Management – I manage the Forums fix bugs such as Ranks, Rank Ladder etc. I do all forums features apart from Add-on/Theme Configuration.

Staff Management – With this service, I technically manage the staff members. I accept and deny application as well as that, I professionally interview the member to see their real capabilities and demote/promote staff.

General Moderation – This includes general server/forum moderation. I look out for toxic players/hackers to make the community clean. I will make sure everyone follows the rules and applies them properly.

Developer – I know HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, MySQL and I’m working on learning, Java and Python.

Owner -Ive owned my own server before and Marcus has seen it.

Graphic Designer - Here is my work: Click Here!
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