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Staff Applicants..


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I have thoroughly looked through everyone's staff application and I am surprised that all had a grammar issue ha ha. That's alright, that's something that can be fixed. I am pleased to be reviewing the applications of those who are going to become the first few staff on this outstanding server. If you didn't notice, I left out the question about age. Reason being is that I don't care how old you are. As long as you are professional and mature when need be I will without a doubt offer you a position. The following will display a list of names who are going to become part of the staff group. I wish I could have all of you but unfortunately I will only grab two of you. You all will start as the moderator rank in-game, on the website, and on discord. Congratulations to you two.

- Mod IPlayThings (911D)


Those who did not make it and feel that they do deserve the position then please retry again in a few weeks. I aspire you to do so. Thank you and don't forget to check out the website for tomorrow's latest news!