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Update 12-25 Update - Feeling Festive


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and happy birthday to those who share this day with me! I hope you share this time with your family and/or friends. I'd also like to inform the community that Kingdoms of Argus has not stopped development on the Kingdoms plugin. The developer is still working on the plugin and has made beautiful progress. See what's added below! Now for the custom map, that is still in the works and should be done by the end of the week. All of that being said, the server's full release is currently unknown. We are not going to try to rush everything here so we can make sure everything comes out perfectly. Sorry for any inconvenience and enjoy the holidays.

Kingdoms Plugin


- /k vault - Opens your kingdom resources
- /k enemy - Enemy other kingdoms
- /k announce - Broadcast a message to all online players in your kingdom
- /k top - View the top 5 kingdoms in 3 categories (Clickable chat)
- /k stats - View your personal kingdom statistics
- /k leader - Change leadership role to another member


- Typing "\" in chat would spam console
- Typing "$" in chat would also spam console