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Update 1/11 Update - Change of Management


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Important News..

Allow me to be open with you guys. I'm 20 years old, have been serving in the army for almost 2 years and always had a dream since I was 13 to open a medieval custom type server. This dream of mine has and is still coming true. I just won't be there to see it. Due to an upcoming deployment next month and the start of online college I have looked around for trustworthy and knowledgeable people to take over the server. I have put a lot of money and a lot of time into this server for it to just go to waste so here we are.

As of today I officially will no longer be the server owner. Your new owners are Jon, Kedric, and Mylogo. These 3 as a team will take over the server from now on. As much as I'd like to stay and work on the server myself I'm running out of time to work on it day by day. My job is getting busier the closer we get to deployment. I wish I got the heads up before throwing down time into this server however with these trustworthy people who are going to be replacing me are for sure going to do an outstanding job. I believe in them as should you.

Now as for the last server update I'll be giving we have Mylogo killing it with the amount of code he's been doing. Nearly getting carpal tunnel over there haha

What's Been Added:

- A couple of extra commands

- Kingdom classes with perks/levels

+ King/Queen - Ability to earn more health per level (5 Max). The more members the kingdom has the higher the leader's level. Can use "rally" ability to increase 10% for 5 minutes of all members strength within a 15 block radius. (Shift + Right click to use) Can not use anvils, enchanted diamond armor or bows. Only has 1 life during war and does not have any mcMMO skills.

+ Knight - Must be appointed by the leader. Ability to hit with more damage with swords, fists, and while riding a horse per level (5 Max). Other classes can't enchant diamond swords/armor they may only use regular diamond. Can't use anvils or enchanted bows. Has the swords and axe mcMMO skills.

+ Archer - Must be appointed by the leader. Ability to use the bow with more damage and have a faster default speed per level (5 Max). Can not use anvils or enchanted diamond armor. Has the archery and acrobatics mcMMO skills.

+ Blacksmith - Must be appointed by the leader. Ability to repair certain items per level (5 Max) and also use special furnace abilities. Only class that is able to use anvils and also they can not use diamond armor.
+ Gatherer (Incomplete) - Must be appointed by the leader. Ability to have permanent haste at level 1 and plant and replant seeds automatically at higher levels (5 Max). Can not use diamond armor. Has the excavation, fishing, herbalism, mining, and woodcutting mcMMO skills.

- Kingdom wars
+ You are able to start wars with other kingdoms! Type /k war {Kingdom} to start a war with another kingdom. If the other kingdom's leader is offline your kingdom will besiege them instead. War lasts 60 minutes and as the champion of the war that's been fought gruesomely the leader gets to decide the kingdom's fate. The leader may either empty the enemies' bank, take their resources or occupy their kingdom and claim it as part of yours in a way. All will be explained on another post.
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