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Important A Brief Introduction


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Kings, Queens, Knights and all!

Kedric, MyLogo, and myself (Jon), are excited to welcome you into an entirely new realm of gameplay--otherwise known as Kingdoms of Argus! We have offered our hand in taking ownership of the server and its many components, and we are excited to meet the community and listen to your criticism to make the Kingdoms of Argus a fun and enjoyable place. We are simply developers with a dream to create something amazing. With a strong background in programming and computer science, we hope to bring a new perspective to this community and to the Minecraft world. We have been a team for many years now and hope to work together and build on our team to create your experience in Kingdoms of Argus. It is always important for us to know your concerns and opinions about the server and how we can fix it, so please feel free to contact us or create a thread here on the forums!

We will never forget the heart of Kingdoms of Argus and will maintain its integrity to the fullest.

Anyhow, I must be going; I have kingdoms to conquer.

Warm regards,
Emperor Jon
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